Our communication and security team in sporting events, provides the new generation Digital communications, both for the control of participants and for the security and coordination of the test. Furthermore, we are the coordinators and developers of the manuals and evacuation plans. of the test since the birth of said tests.

The history dates back to the 1950s when a group of local mountaineers and hikers decided to reproduce the tradition of reaching the sanctuary of Sant Joan de Penyagolosa from the city of Castellón.

Penyagolosa Trails® MiM is a semi-self-sufficient endurance test that starts from the city of Castelló, at sea level, to finish in Sant Joan de Penyagolosa. In a maximum time of 15 hours, the runners must complete 60 km through the towns of Castelló, Borriol, Vilafamés, Les Useres, Xodos and Vistabella, to reach the finish line located in Sant Joan de Penyagolosa at 1,280 meters above sea level. Participants who pass the Penyagolosa Trails® MiM will get 3 ITRA points and UTMB 50K Qualifier.

Penyagolosa Trails® CSP is a semi-self-sufficient ultratrail of 109 kilometers, with an accumulated ascent difference of 5,600 meters and a descent of 4,400 meters. Starting at sea level, the race ends at the Sanctuary of Sant Joan de Penyagolosa. On the route, the terms of Castelló, Borriol, Vilafamés, Les Useres, Atzeneta, Benafigos, Culla, Xodos, Villahermosa and Vistabella are crossed. Runners must complete Penyagolosa Trails® CSP in a maximum time of 26 hours 15 minutes. Participants who pass the Penyagolosa Trails® CSP will get 5 ITRA points and UTMB 100K Qualifier.