On behalf of Eventscomunications.com, we warmly welcome you to our website, where we hope you find all the information you need about us.

The main objective of this communication channel is to make known our company, communicate what we are and do, as well as the values ??we promote. You will find here in an agile and direct way, a broad description of our services and processes as well as the various philosophies of quality under which we work in the environmental, procedural and social areas.

Eventscomunication.com offers specialized communications systems and rental formats for sports events, events, concerts, or any activity that requires communications in order to safely develop your activity.

Our great experience in the sector, more than 30 years, makes that we can orient them according to the necessity of its activity.

We carry out studies on the field in which the event is going to take place, advising and recommending which is the most correct system to communicate your event.

We have a large park of analog and digital communications equipment, as well as specialists to carry your signal thousands of kilometers and re-integrate those communications into your designated network for the event.

Our equipment, both analog and digital, are all of our brand represented, HYTERA, in this way we guarantee the success of communications at all times.

We train the controls, security, or personnel, to carry out their activity, knowing at all times how to use the medium or device assigned. We also offer you the control of the coordinated communications from the control center, with all the needs contracted.

We couple to existing coordination devices, from security forces, police, doctors, firemen, ambulances, etc.

We resolve doubts or problems through our technical department.

In this web page, you can also interact with us, contact us, ask questions and send suggestions and comments related to our products and our company, ensuring that we can attend to you and respond timely.