On behalf of Eventscomunications.com, we warmly welcome you to our website, where we hope you will find all the information you need about us.

The main objective of this communication channel is to publicize our collaborations and volunteering, to communicate who we are and what we do, as well as the values ??that we promote. Here you will find an agile and direct description of the services and processes in which we collaborate, as well as the various quality philosophies in which we work in the environmental, procedural and social areas.

Eventscomunication.com uses specialized communication systems of EmisionLocal.com in rental formats to make our collaborations in sports events, concerts, or any activity that requires communications to develop your activity safely.

Our great experience in the communications sector, with more than 30 years in the participation of events, means that we can orient them according to the need of the activity to be carried out.

We carry out field studies in which the event will take place, advising and recommending which is the most correct system to communicate your event.

We use analog and digital communications equipment, as well as specialists to take your signal thousands of kilometers and reintegrate those communications into your network designated for the event.


The equipment, both analog and digital, are all of the brand represented by EmisionLocal.com, HYTERA, in this way we guarantee the success of communications at all times.

We train the controls, the security or the personnel to carry out their activity, knowing at all times how to use the assigned means or device. We also collaborate in the control of coordinated communications from the designated control center, with all the needs controlled by expert collaborators in the subject to be developed.

We join the existing coordination devices, collaborating with the security forces, police, doctors, firemen, ambulances, etc.

We solve doubts or problems through our collaborators and volunteers.

On this website, you can also interact with us, get in touch with us, and ask us for advice. You can ask questions and send suggestions, in this way we make sure that we can assist you and respond with your concerns.

All the collaborators and volunteers, who form our human team, have enough knowledge to develop their function.

The immense majority of them belong to Civil Protection, graduates in communications, radio-related graduates, and courses that are carried out and trained, which ensure the response when reacting in any kind of situation.